Product Range Now Avaliable at Promedics

Welcome to Kare Orthopaedics

Kare Orthopaedics is a long established manufacturer and supplier of Orthopaedic support equipment. Supplying to health professionals throughout Europe, we believe in providing quality products that represent good value for our customers. We manufacture a large range of stock products, striving to give you, the expert, the exact product and size that your patient needs. Kare also manufactures non-stock products at our custom built factory in Port Glasgow.

We have made much progress since our formation in 1996, due to the support given to us by you, our customer. I would like to thank you for the support over the years, and give my promise to help, whatever your Orthopaedic needs, in any way I can.

Alan D Paterson
Managing Director
KARE Orthopaedics Limited

Quality of Our Product

We believe our quality is technically sound. Over the years, we have worked closely with many Clinicians in order to improve our product quality. We offer a large range of stock products, but strive to give you, the expert, the exact product and size that your patient needs.

Product Range

Our product range is now available from Promedics Orthopaedics click here to browse our product range. If you have an enquiry about ordering or a specific product please contact our customer service team.

women holding wrist in pain


Discover our range of hand orthopaedics, from wrist braces, thumb wraps to finger splints.

elderly man hunched over in pain holding lower back


Discover our range of cervical and spinal supports, everything from full braces to spinal wraps.

pregnant women looking out window


Discover our range of maternity supports, specifically designed for comfort while giving maximum support.

man holding elbow in pain

Upper Limb

Discover our range of orthopaedics for the upper limbs, everything from slings, braces and splints.

man clutching knee in pain

Lower Limb

Discover our range of orthopaedics for the lower limbs, everything from knee braces to immoblisers.

man holding ankle in pain


Discover our range of foot orthopaedics, everything from walkers, foot supports to ankle braces.

women stretching preparing for a run

K Sport

Discover the K Sport range, which supplies a wide variety of supports for active individuals.

person lying on bed with foot in cast

Fracture Bracing

Discover our range of materials commonly used for manufracturing braces/splints.

child holding knee in pain


Discover our range of orthopaedics tailored for the youngest of patients, from slings to knee braces.

Contact Us

If you would like to place an order or have an order or product enquire, or would like to order a product catalogue, please get in touch with our customer service department using the contact information below.